Friday, December 25, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful day!!! Jim got a call from his brother at 8am. He wasn't able to get to the phone before it quit ringing so just went back to sleep for awhile. I didn't see daylight till 9:30.

We exchanged gifts. I gave Jim a sign for the back of the RV. I thought he'd throw it back at me, but he's going to put it on the ladder where I had it specifically made to fit.

It rained the entire day. At times it was quite hard so it was a nasty day. At least it wasn't snowing and no ice. We went to my mom's about noon. I figured having dinner at her place would be easier then the apartment which doesn't have much there and no food stuff at all. I wanted to keep it very simple. She bought a great ham and other stuff from the Schwann truck. They have wonderful food and she doesn't eat much so that makes it last for quite awhile. They deliver right to her so she's got food coming in when we leave.

When we got there, instead of keeping it simple, she made way too much food and had the table already pulled out and set and dinner was almost done. I wish she'd listen, but I guess she had fun and it brought back memories fixing big meals from her younger days. We had a fabulous feast, thanks mom.

We made our way back to the RV in very hard rain. We needed milk and just happened to find a gas station open along the way. The RV was chilly when we got there but warmed up in just minutes.

The rain should be out of here later tonight. We hope everyone had safe trips to destinations today and be safe going back home.

Days left to leave for Texas 49


Gypsy said...

If she enjoyed fixing a big meal that is good for her. I have seen the Schwann trucks deliver in my old neighborhood, and always wondered about them.

Charles AKA Roz said...

The Schwann trucks make the rounds of some RV Campgrounds. When we were in Maine, it was a twice a week delivery.

Merry Christmas from 20 degree Indiana this week.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Haha Loved your sign idea! People will give you a wide berth now when driving near you. Plus a few might be more forgiving when you pull a few bonehead moves (don't we all do that?) ... Glad you had a nice Xmas with your mother, how sweet of her to cook up a storm in your honor!