Saturday, December 26, 2009

Calm, Cool, Collected, Messing Around the RV

Jim had to take the truck in for a couple repairs and it's under warranty so he got up and gone before I got moving. The temperature is where the heat pump is keeping up so we had a good day without propane use.

I got caught up on the facebook games, read a few blogs, did a bit of budgeting and cleaned the RV bathroom. Talk about fast! I like this place so far so good. Things are very handy and with the small areas it's faster to clean. Jim did some outside work and put more stuff away in the basement. I still need to condense a couple tubs to one before we move, but still have a couple weeks.

We had a crazy chat in the RV-Dreams chatroom the other night on RV toilets. I found our instructions in the big case the dealer gave us. We found out a few things on how to clean and how to put water into it that neither of us knew how to do without doing the full flush. Jim found some other instructions that are informative. It's still a learning process.

I mentioned on another blog that I'd write a bit on what we did right. So far everything.

We sold the condo at a great time, we got the apartment which was a terrific idea since the RV was later then we thought it would be in delivery. We took two days at the dealer. The stay at the fairgrounds to load was perfect so there's not as much running back and forth. The RV park we're in now is perfect location to Jim's work. We're learning to contend with the cold temps without having zero degrees and we're happy as two peas in a pod.

Next project will be to move it and go east for a couple days to get use to hitching and unhitching and parking it. Hopefully if the weather holds out we'll do that in January.

Days left to leave for Texas 48

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

It has been so much fun watching you folks go step by step here on your new adventures! I am so glad you let all of us IN on the fun, by living vicariously with you...