Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Month, This One Should Prove Interesting

It was raining so hard at 3:00am that it woke us both up. That never happened in the condo. I have a feeling it won't be the last time either once we get in the RV. I know why people take naps, there's no way to sleep all night.

After a big breakfast, we both got on computers for different reasons. Jim put on a couple eBay items and watched those today with the deadline time for later in the afternoon. He did quite well with books and a shaver. I read emails and blogs and got the monthly budget all done. It's amazing how much we're saving by moving to the apartment, just that much more to put on the home on wheels.

I also reorganized the beads. I have mentioned the selling or keeping the beads several times in past blogs. It's time to get some ornaments made, but then I'd have to sell them, there's just not enough room for them. Here's my dilemma.

This is a clock that's a great seller. It's made from safety pins and light weight (for rvers?)

Tackle box full of different beads
Boxes filled with different types of beads

My little Indian with a cactus behind him.

Little wedding dolls.

My favorite is to make ornaments

Big bags full of beads.

Now just the weight is terrible to take it all with me, and where to put all of it is another question. I still have a couple more months to decide. Jim has his books and I have the beads.

The rest of the evening we watched the Talladega NASCAR race. The time change has messed with our eating times. We're hungry an hour earlier then we should be. Why can't they leave the time alone like they do in Indiana and Arizona.

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Vera said...

Your little ornaments look so nice. It must have taken a lot of time and patience to do those. Your stash of beads is really something. That will pass the time on your travels.