Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Interesting Day

First off, the 5er is still on the line, so the dealer was wrong about us getting it early. We're doing fine, there's a plan on getting it by next weekend, if it's not ready that's ok. I can breathe deeply and WAIT some more.

It was chilly high 30's this morning and up to 73 by late afternoon, a perfect, glorious day with blue skies and that thing they call SUN, finally.

Work was interesting. When I got there several people were going in and out, then I got hit with a humid icky smell. The boss told me the water heater let go and there was water everything in the back room, the bathrooms and down the hallway. The dryers will be running all day I'm sure. What a mess. Luckily, no damage to anything, just some wet cardboard boxes. I was really busy today. I did a client book, then had some heavy typing to do. I got both done in the four hours. The morning sure went fast.

I left at 1:00, got something to eat then went to mom's to talk with another lady that will help with the government papers for living will. We were together for about an hour and half. We still need to get a lawyer to get some papers signed and updated so things will go smoothly, but we're getting there.

I went out with Jim to a work related dinner, so will be very late getting back home. Since I don't work till late tomorrow I'll be in chat later, if anyone is still around. Lately there's been a lot of people, but it's darker earlier and more people are going south which seems to be less activity in the evening hours. I rely so much on chat to keep me calmer. Yes, I'm still taking deep breaths too. I wish I was a calmer person, but then it wouldn't be me.

Working days to quit work 22 (or less)
This countdown is only for WORKING days.

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Gypsy said...

You may not be a calmer person now, but believe it, the stress will fall away and you will be much calmer when you finally get your 5ver and start your fulltiming life. Just give yourself time to adjust.