Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Finally Have an Answer

I stayed up awhile longer last night on chat. There's just so much going on with everyone. This morning I didn't have to get up till about 10, but couldn't sleep past 9 so got online to see what was going on with the chatters in Facebook. I did some ironing and sorted out the kitchen cabinets and put some stuff in a plastic box for fast packing to the RV. Now anything that has to do with baking is in one place.

I decided since Jim still couldn't get an answer on delivery of the 5er, I was going to take some action. I hate not knowing, my boss wants to know when I'll be leaving. I called the factory direct and asked for anyone that had knowledge on what was on the line in the factory. I was given a gal and she said your unit is in the storage area waiting for parts. Alrighty then. Now I had some info. She said since manufactures have cut back on parts they now wait for them when they order. It may be tomorrow or next month before they come in. Then it will go to MorRyde for the disc brakes, which we have learned will take ONE day. I asked if there was a possiblity of it getting here this month and she said very doubtful. They don't work over the holidays and the driver won't be driving over the holiday. I asked if it would be December and she's hoping if the parts come in it may be the first part of December.

I'm not holding my breath, but at least I can go on with what I'm doing now and make other plans for Thanksgiving. I won't cancel the park just yet, but will a few days before the 25th. Now I can help my boss with the Thanksgiving office party and work around some other stuff that I wasn't sure about doing. I hate not knowing something so simple. It's going to be interesting on when the dealer actually tells us anything. I bet we'll never know till arrival.

I worked the rest of the afternoon. It was real busy till later in the day, but both bosses went to their sons football game, which left me with blogs and Facebook, and of course answering the phone. By the time I got off at 5:00, it's getting pretty dark. When we get on the road I won't care if it gets dark. We SHOULD be in a park by that time and no time crunches to worry about, or heavy traffic.

Working days to quit work 21 (or less)
This countdown is only for WORKING days.


ANT-Zee said...

That sounds like some BS to me. How can a mfg be in business with information like that? I would call every day, it's your camper, you have every right to be informed. Good Luck!

Joe and Sherri said...

I have found in my experience that they will give you the worst news on delivery and usually come through on the best. I was told that doing this keeps people from being disapointed on the delivery date. Either way it wont be long and you will be in your new home and the excitement will really begin. You will be overwhelmed with all the prep that you will have to do to get settled but it will be fun. I am so sorry that I have been usable to get on chat more. I stay so busy all day and then at night have just don't have time to turn on the computer. I will try to catch you during the day.