Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Work Day of OCTOBER

Another Friday and the last work day of October. It's a fall day, cloudy but no rain, yet. The excitement is building even more around our place. So much was accomplished yesterday with the hitch installment and mom being taken care of when we're not in the area. One more step is to get a place to park, but we need a date of arrival, so we're still waiting. I'm sure it will be sometime next week, but we'll be patient. I'm packing stuff in boxes to take to the RV once we get it here. Then we'll start giving away and selling more stuff.

It was quiet at work and being the month end it was busy, at least for the first three hours. I looked up parks and got some ideas where to stay when we see the kids. We received our huge Passport America book and it's fun checking out the RV parks of the states we want to see. We still need to get a reservation if possible near Morehead City, NC for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas in Wilmington. Again, we have to get a date on when we'll be getting the RV.

Jim had order mud flaps and they came in last night, another thing accomplished. He'll get those installed sometime this next week. It's all coming together, so that's why I say the excitement is building.

Nothing more to report since I worked the whole day. Not many more to go. I talked to Mrs Boss today and we agreed I don't need to work unless she needs me. That will give me the two months full days to get packed, sell stuff and ready to roll if we so desire in January. What a great feeling.

Working days to quit work 24 (or less)
This countdown is only for WORKING days.


Bob and Molly said...

We're excited for you Dee! It's been such fun following your journey!! Can't wait to see you guys on the road! HUGS!

Joe and Sherri said...

Jim your going to be a real truck driven man here before long!