Saturday, January 17, 2009

Excitement - But NOT the Good Kind

Another cold night 7 degrees. Not good for around here.

We have lived in our condo for about 12 years and out of those years, we've had busted pipes at least five times in our complex. It's not the water lines, it's the sprinkler lines. Today, one broke in the condo two doors down third floor. It's always the top and the people arent' there. They live in NJ, travel and seldom here but twice a year. The firemen had to break in to get the water under control. The fire alarm on the main building went off about noon and we knew right away what it was, but nothing we could do till the firemen got here. They broke into the condo, got the water under control and then checked the other two condos below. Our level, the people weren't home, but they didn't break into the place, they'll find out when they get home. The older woman in the lower floor was flooded too. She had help from her daughter and other people to help get stuff out. It's a real mess. I feel so sorry for the three or four condos that's involved. This is the fifth time the older woman has been flooded out. She's here from Florida and has done very well through several hurricanes and wants to go back to Florida. I don't blame her.

As the firemen and police were getting our building under control, the building next to us had the same thing happen. We could hear their alarm going off as we were going around our building. The firemen didn't stay as long in that building so not sure how much damage they have in the building.

We were going to a movie today, but we're postponing till tomorrow. We're hoping nothing else happens, but with the temps being so low, ya never know.

I read a lot of blogs today, did the online puzzles and overall sorted and wrote down lists of things to do in the next couple months. The day went fast with all the excitement. I hope we sell before next winter.

One thing Jim did get accomplished yesterday, was get our tags for the truck. It's now Jim & Dee. That will be what we'll have when we get on the road. Little steps, one at a time toward fulltime RV'ing.

Days left to sell the condo 4 mths 14 days

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Mike Goad said...

My mother-in-law went through that last month in the seniors apartment building she lives in in Northwest Arkansas. It didn't flood her apartment, but got the lobby area. It was the sprinkler system up in the attic.

Unfortunately, I guess, in some instances, when those wet-pipe fire sprinkler systems are installed in some southern states, they don't ensure that all of the piping is in insulated areas and, when the temperature gets too low, the pipes freeze.

This was the first time it had happened in her building and they evacuated everyone out into the cold. Fortunately, there's a senior center nearby and she was able to get in where it was warm.

Mike Goad (in Arkansas where it's finally warmed up to normal January temps.)
Haw Creek Out 'n About