Monday, June 23, 2008

Taking a Walk with Mom

Mondays are terrible for me getting up at 6:40, it's not good. I wish I was more of a morning person, I'd probably get more done. Work was slow, but got through it ok. At 1:00 I picked up mom.

We went to our place to show her the pictures from the trip and explain the rally. She was impressed on how big the grandkids are getting. (Great grandkids to her). She laughed at some of the pictures I had from the rally and enjoyed the overall time we had on the road. We decided to walk around the lake, slowly and about 3/4 of the way around she was exhausted. I got her back with no problems. Her hands turn really blue because of circulation. Dr says not to overdo and she's slowing down almost on a daily basis. I think she's really good for 85 yrs old. We'll see how things turn out in a couple years.

I got back by 4:00 and read emails and blogs. I'm also watching some more storms brewing. It's rained a couple days in a row which is really good. The lake was up a lot from the last time I walked around it.

Not much to report today. My mind is still whizzing on what to do next and how soon to put stuff on ebay/craigslist. Jim found a neat website listed somewhere, it's You put in what you want to sell and it gives a high and low of what it's worth. It's neat!

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 1 yrs 8 mths 28 days

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Speedy said...

You guys are the greatest! Sherri and I just got back on line last night when we arrived at our park. We have been without Internet for one week UGH! Now you are on our time scale for leaving out...Great! I guess we will have to meet up some where down the road.I like you new picture...did Jim see the one we use is the one he took..good going Jim. I also have the movie he filmed of Sherri and I posing for the picture too funny. Good to be back in touch Maybe I will see you typing tonight?

Joe and Sherri