Sunday, June 22, 2008

Listings - Bucket List Movie

We had to get up early so someone could figure out our computer connecting system. When I upgraded our firewall program we lost communication with the three computers on our WIFI. Neither of us could get it so we brought in help. In about 1/2 hour it was all fixed. Now we're back in our chairs with printing and passing info to each other without moving. Our setup will be just like that in the RV.

After coffee and breakfast I got busy on making lists, clearing out more stuff from drawers and getting ready for a busy week of scanning photo albums to CD's.

Linda mentioned at the rally that some things are very hard to get rid of. Linda had a problem with dishes. Mine is my birdhouses. I have a few birdhouses that mean a lot to me. This one has a special story and it's the hardest to sell. I found this one in Nappanee , Indiana. It was made by the Amish and it drew me to it. I was flying from Indiana to Florida, so I had to carefully wrap paper around it and carry it on the plane. It fit under the seat just perfect, but I had to be careful not to move it too much. It's been a special item for me. I hate to see it go, but like Linda says, I can live without it, once it's gone. I'll have plenty of pictures to remind me of it.
I love my birdhouses, here's some more that's going to be sold.

The cabinet has a birdhouses on it. I have toilet paper in it for storage. The red birdhouse is on top.

These are on the wall

This one sits nicely on the toilet.

Another item that's been with me awhile is a little crocheted girl that hides a toilet paper roll. I have her in the bedroom. Just love her sitting in front of the window. Her dress is from scraps of blue yarn from an Afghan I made for the kids. She's also special, but she needs a good home.

That's been todays project.

We watched the movie Bucket List. That's a great movie and it has so much to say about what you can do with your life. Make a "bucket list". Go beyond what you think you can do, be happy and find what is important to you. Thanks to the people in the chat room that suggested that movie. Sure is a good one.

I need to get back to walking again. I'm getting stiff and need to get moving. Tomorrow looks like a new week that should be cooler. I'd go now, but there's lighting and thunder not too far away. We did get two inches of rain yesterday, more is still needed.

Anyone that's reading the blog that might be interested in the items above, let me know.
deewalter at is the quickest way. The reason I didn't put the correct @ is because of spam. I found out that when you do the full email name, it produces a lot of spam.

Days to buy the RV/truck 1 yrs 8 mths 29 days. (another month down)


Ellie and Jim said...

For me, it was my doll collection that was so hard to leave. I packed up my "babies" and left them with my sister to care for. But, I chose a couple of small ones that could travel, so I have a "little piece of my heart" with me! You'll want your home to feel like home - maybe you have a small birdhouse that can go with you!

Speedy said...

You know what I did I started collecting thimbles....I know don't say it...Hey they are like spoons...You can get them with the state printed on there and they are small and it does not take a large shelf to display them. Light weight too. Now that might give you a fix if you like to collect things. Be sure to take pictures of all your birdhouses and put them on disk so you can go back and look at them later..

Joe and Sherri