Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Info, Info

I didn't sleep much last night, kept waking up for some reason and the dreams were many, but not really nightmares, very restless. I got to work and my boss looked like she hadn't slept either so we talked about it. Yep, she was awake all night too. We are both very worried about our co-worker (their employee). The guy I keep saying doesn't come to work and is out a lot, didn't show up for work yesterday nor today. He didn't send an email which he's very good about doing. My boss finally called the cops to see if they can help. Since I left work at 1:00 I won't know anything till tomorrow. If he doesn't show up tomorrow he's automatically fired. It's worrying me because he's so young and so immature and he just lost his sister and dad in the last month. He was very close to his dad, and has no family here in the area. Anyway, that's one info that's not good.

I worked my four hours then went to see about an apartment that is right across the street from us. I has a pool, lots of apartments, laundry, racquetball room, gym full of equipment that's huge, and the whole area is really nice. I'm all for it. The prices vary a from the time of year you move in. During the summer it's higher then winter months. Once you sign the lease the payment is locked in for a year. Now the timing. As my son always says, timing is every thing. We don't want to put our place up for sale till the market gets better, we have to sell everything in it and we have to get all the stuff the kids shipped to them. We're not in the hurry except just wanting to get on the road. We'll take this one step at at time, but I'm anxious and excited.

My military ID has run out so I'm getting my ID on Thursday. I got my hair cut so I look half decent for the next 5 yrs. at least on the ID card. My hairdresser for the past 8 years is quitting and today was her last day. I'm so glad I decided to go in today.

One more info. Our youngest didn't have a job for a couple months and got hired today. That's great news!!

Days to buy the RV/truck 1 yrs 8 mths 27 days

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Speedy said...

Hey you better slow down your going to be on the road before Sherri and I. We will be traveling on a wing and a prayer so you wont have too much trouble locating us LOL

Joe and Sherri