Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mom - Food - Work

I got up at 7:00, just laid there when Jim got up at 6:00, so decided to get the day going. I had to pick up mom for her eye appointment by 8:30. Everything is OK. She's having trouble seeing with one of her eyes and they're watching a cataract that it doesn't get too bad. So far so good.

We discussed our getting on the road early. She's all for it and figures she'll get along just fine. It's not like we're moving and not coming back to the area. We'll be free to come and go. Jim's mom and family is still in NC so we won't be too far away for long periods of time. So, now we can start more details. Both kids have been notified too.

While I was waiting for mom, I read almost all the recipes in the RV-dreams cookbook. It was compiled from all the people that read or in the RV-dreams "family". I was quite impressed, it's down to earth type meals, salads, desserts, and nothing that is out of the ordinary spices. I'm thrilled to death. We've decided to have me go back and make our meals from scratch instead of getting them from Girlfriends Kitchen. It should save us 50% on the costs. Maybe we'll go back to peanut butter sandwiches, tacos and hamburger helper from our early years. It will be interesting, but we have to cut back. My new cookbook will come in handy. I'll get a lot of the ingredients tomorrow when we go shopping. Anyone can order, so if you're interested just go to and email them, or look for the cookbook on the sidebar. I'm not sure if it's setup yet, but soon will be. It's well worth the $10. Ya gotta check out the hotdog in a bucket. :-)

After a little lunch I reported to work by 12:00. It was really slow until about an hour or so before leaving. We got the contract for a huge property layout in the NC mountains. We'll be busy for awhile that's for sure. I had to fold plans for shipment. That's a good thing and I'm happy that I'll have a job till we're ready to go on the road.

I've decided to get a list of people that might be interested on what we're selling. We're not allowed a garage/yard sale here because of tight restrictions. I'm going to take pictures, email family first then email with pictures to our friends. If you're interested on being on the "list" let me know and I'll send lists of what we're selling before I list them on Ebay or Craigslist. Friends will get a discount.

Can you tell I'm getting excited? It's only

1 yr 9 mths 3 days till we can get on the road

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