Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to Reality - Work

I made arrangements to go to work today from 1:00 to 5:00. I got up at 8:00, not that I WANTED to, just that I felt I had to much to do NOT to. I got the ironing done from the trip so Jim has shirts to wear this week. I also caught up on 10 days of blogs on just one person. I read a few emails that I thought were important and needed responses. Jim was home today so he left to do errands and I finished up unpacking.

When I got to work the owners daughter was there working on some projects. I had the task of making sure the payroll and invoices were done right for two weeks. The bosses left early afternoon, so I didn't hurry with anything. The time went fast, starting tomorrow I'll be back with nothing to do except busy work. I was hinting that their daughter can work the summer and I'll come back when she goes back to school, but they didn't think that would be fair to me. That's nice, I need the money for that expensive RV.

Now the fun starts. We really want to get to the point of not having anything to sell when we sell the condo. I want to live as though we were in the RV so I'm taking pictures of the stuff we're selling and putting it in emails first, then craigslist then ebay. There's several pieces of furniture that we have to hang on to till the last minute, but now I'm going to sell the "toys". I have glass eggs, lots of little knick knacks and a few antique stuff. This is going to be fun.

Next step, try to figure out when to move to an apt. I'm thinking of checking prices around our area first, then expanding out a bit, maybe closer to where Jim works. I have to talk to mom too to tell her we'll probably go on the road sooner. I have to take her to the eye doctor in the morning so will mention it.

I'm writing stuff down so my head isn't swimming and keeping me awake with thinking. We're ahead of the game in so many ways. We're use to moving (and I love it) from being in the military for 26 years. We have nothing here to hold us, (except mom). Our Stuff is just stuff nothing from the kids or having a storage to clean out with memories. I can't think of anything that will be hard to let go, but then again, I haven't checked throughly yet either. I DO have to get those photo albums on cd's. That will be started Thursday afternoon. I have 22 of them to do.

Jim found an article that's in time for what we're thinking. It's about the 100 thing challenge. Americans tired of being weighed down by clutter, a purging revolution begins. The URL for the blog is guynameddave.com. Trying pare down to 100 items would be quite difficult but the article is really good.

That's a start with only

1 yr 9 mths 4 days to buy the RV/Truck

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