Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 9 Goodbye Tears on to Graceland

I woke up at 5 and just couldn't stay in bed any longer. I'm tired of the lumps and bumps. I'm not complaining though it's been a fabulous time. It just makes me realize how I want out in the parks and nature and have my OWN bed. It won't be long. I've already been thinking of some things to do to get ready for fulltime. I've had a lot of insight from all the RV-Dreams family.
Sheri, Dee, Joe, Karon, Ellie

Jenny, Dee, Donna

We packed the truck and was ready to go by 7:30. We said some goodbye's and hugs all around. I know I'll see most of the people, but maybe we can meet the others on the road. I'm hoping we have another rally that we can get too, but if not we'll keep up with each other in the chatroom. It sure was sad for me though. I've met some wonderful people.

We were on the road at 8:00. Lots of curves and hills so the speed was a lot less than we thought it would be. It took 7 hours to get to Memphis. We found Graceland with no problems at all. I have several pictures on the family-branson photobucket link on the right of this blog. We had a very good time at Graceland. Neither of us has ever stopped when we come through Memphis so made a point to get some time to do it. The whole place is geared to handling a lot of people and it was great getting here later in the day. We didn't have to wait in line for very long at all. I learned a lot, I've never been an Elvis fan and know very few titles to any of the songs. My favorite area was the jumpsuits. I love gaudy, that's what they were. We left there at 5:30 and with the GPS help we found a Hampton Inn closeby. My sister taught us how to look into finding things on the road, like gas and eating places so we won't have the problem going off the road and finding it's more than a mile down the road off the main highway. Speaking of GPS (Nuvi) it took us to an awesome BBQ place for lunch today. Good stuff.

We ate next door at a Chinese place for dinner then crashed the rest of the night. Of course I spent some time in the chatroom too.

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 2 yrs 11 mths no days

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