Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 10 Traveling Another 10 Hours

It felt great not getting up so early, but we both woke up at 8:00. The bed was so awesome, just right and we both slept sound all night. Makes a difference in traveling, neither of us had to stop to switch drivers after one hour of driving like yesterday. We took 3 hr shifts today.

I was on the computer during my non driving shifts. I'm so glad I brought the power converter, it's fun following the GPS for Street Atlas. The Smokey mountains are 2900 feet at one point on HWY 40. I could follow with the Nuvi and street atlas. I also got all the pictures ready to download to the blog and to photobucket. I took the best photos out of several. I should have them all done tonight.

We were awake enough to talk about the trip, the rally and overall what do we do now. There may be some changes, but I'll report it all later when we have it in order. Not sure about details yet. I know this trip was a good one and full of information.

We lucked out in no rain for the trip, at least so far. The only rain was just before we got to our sons place on the first day. Not sure if any is in forecast for tomorrow or not. I sure can't wait not to be on the road for hours at a time. Yesterday was a 7 hour day, today was 10 hours and should have 6 tomorrow. That's a fast trip and we both can tell it's not for the elderly.

We are in Asheville, just 10 miles from Biltmore. We were going to stay near the Biltmore but it was already 7 est and we didn't want to pay the high price the closer you get to that place. We're in Holiday Inn. The prices both nights were ok since we have military discount of 35%. We have AARP, military and a special discount from where Jim works. We take the best discount and go with it. So far military has been the best.

Check for pictures on the blog and the side bar. Our vacation is almost over.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 2 yrs 10 mths 29 days

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