Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 7 Laughter, Fun, Late Night

Dale & Mark Bruss's truck with Jim in it

We got up at 7:15 to make it to our first seminar. We already miss our own beds, someday we'll have our own bed everywhere we go. The first seminar was with Linda & Howard on several topics about fulltiming. The second was with Miller Insurance and the third was Merrill Lynch for investing. It was quite informing and we're checking out a few things to see if we're on target.
After all the seminars we had lunch. We went to Dortha & Mark's RV with a few of the other chatters for BBQ brats. What a spread, thank you guys, that was really nice of you. We had a great time with Joe & Sherri, Bob & Molly and Jenny.

We spent 4 hours going through the rigs of everyone that had a flag up to show and tell. What a variety and it was interesting what everyone had done for changes. Just about everyone took out the couch. Some had washer/dryers and some didn't. Another thing was the fireplace, it was about half and half on who had them and who didn't. We're still stuck on what to really settle down and buy but it was really great to see how people changed their rigs after buying them. Thank you to all that opened their homes for others to see.

We had a catered dinner that was so good. There was no way to be hungry after that meal there was a lot to eat.

After dinner there was a great "show" on what the favorite way to dress was while RVing. If you want to see a lot of pictures, check the Branson link to the right. There should be several posts.
I have several pictures to download but just too late to post. Stay tuned for several updates to this week. Time goes fast when you're having fun.

We sat under the tent and did chat till 11:00. Now that's a hoot. Sitting and chatting with those that couldn't be here and still chat with those that are here. We laughed so hard today. It's quite relaxing and we're getting the feeling of just having fun and wanting to get on the road.

Days to buy the RV/truck 2 yrs 11 mths 2 days (or sooner)

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