Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 5 - Hannibal

We decided to get up about 8:30, with 4 huge dogs in the house you have to be quiet and walk cautiously. You about get knocked down when you move too quickly.
At 9:30 we headed for Hannibal. My sis lives only one hour away and it was a wonderful day for sightseeing. When we got there it was windy and sunny with very few people. A lot of the stores have been abandoned. We decided to take the tour of all the places mentioned in the Tom Sawyer books. I personally have never read any of the books so it was interesting to see what it was all about.
The townspeople are getting ready for flooding so the gates on the levy have been put in place in a lot of the areas. We did find one opening, where people were busy taking out their boats and the shop on the river bank was taking out all the supplies. The pier to the store was already under water. Major flooding is expected the end of this week.
I have placed several pictures in the family section to the right.
On the way home we stopped for a lundin (lunch and dinner) then played with the dogs by the lake. I have pictures to the right under family. As we were eating Jenny called from the rally and passed around the phone so I could talk to quite a few people. I'm so torn, I want to be there and here too. I'm so excited about getting there tomorrow afternoon. I hate to cut my time short with my sister, but still want to be with all the RV-Dreams family. The Rally people sound like they're having a wonderful time. If the weather is as nice there as here, it's perfect.

Doris & Dee

Jim and Dee roasting marshmallows for smore's. The fire on the marshmallow made a cool picture.

Hours left to get to the rally 18 hrs (at the time of this writing

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Speedy said...

Dee I miss you on chat...We had a good time but I told JJ it was not the same without our Dee here. We will chat tonight. I don't know why I thought you would be here yesterday...I guess I was just anxious to see you in person. OK I'll shut up now...see ya soon