Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Voting Day

Wonderful day and high 82 degrees. It was so good to have a short day and able to be free the whole afternoon.

Work was different. I had to put our help wanted ads on craigslist in a couple states. The boss is getting some new work in that we won't be able to handle with just the 5 people we have, that's the GOOD thing. The bad thing, I'm not connected to the main server which makes me do the work twice, guess that's good too, it means job security. I have to do it on MY computer, transfer it to a thumb drive and copy to the server when everyone is at lunch. Anyway, I did a full proposal with another persons help to get our office setup on wireless. It will take awhile to get it approved, if it is at all.

I have a gripe, a big one with the bosses. They don't throw out ANYTHING away, and it's getting to me. I have to straigthen up my bosses office from time to time and he won't let me throw out anything. Announcements that are 4 yrs old, pamplets from 3 yrs ago up to now and magazines that he subscribes too that still have the wrappers on them from 2006. I put everything in boxes then it's taken to the storage unit they have rented. It's all ok, but it's a lot of work and it's heavy. ok, at least I'm working at the moment.

I went to vote, only a couple people on the ballet, but I still voted and now if I complain, I'll have a right to do so. I want to make a difference where possible. I also helped a girlfriend across the street clean her condo. She moved this week, I'm going to miss her. We didn't get together a lot, but knowing she was there was a comfort.

I found on the website a place to do a CHAT with the insurance company. I got online and someone answered immediately. The request has been placed for the test for the gallbladder but it hasn't been released yet for it to get done. I hope it's before the trip that all is done. I still have till June 1, that will give me 3 days to go before leaving.

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 3 yrs 8 days

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Got Sherri and hooked on Puzzels.

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