Sunday, May 25, 2008


I had another chance to sleep late, did I? No, I got up about 8:30 after going to bed at 1:30 from leaving the RV-Dreams Chat room. I was one of 3 that was left that time of night, thanks to Jenny and Bill.

I had so much to get done and luckily it was a wonderful day high 76. The sun was HOT, but the air temp still kept us comfortable without running the AC. It was another gorgeous day.

The biggest accomplishment was getting all the routes into Street Atlas for the trip. It took a few hours to get all the geocaching caches printed out and mapped out. There's several but I mapped out about 15 of them. They're all located no more than 10 miles from the campground. There's a few people that just bought GPS units and wants to learn to do the hunt. Those that don't know anything about geocaching, it's like treasure hunting with a GPS unit. The places that people hide them can be beautiful sites that you wouldn't find otherwise. Also parks, and places like museums that you just wouldn't go to without looking for the cache. They can be hard to find or they can be easy. I chose all easy ones so no one gets frustrated. I've been places where we've hunted for an hour before finding them. We won't have too much time from the rally, if we get to do it at all, but I wanted to be prepared.

Some of the afternoon I did business cards. We mentioned last night in the chatroom it would be neat to have business cards to pass to each other for information to keep handy.

Dee Walter
On the road 2012

I have to catch up on the blogs and the puzzles, so it's time to go.

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 2 yrs 11 mths 20 days

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The Haman's said...

I made "Business Cards", but since we are not a business..We are calling them contact cards.