Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day-A Day of Shopping

Jim was in the military for 26 years. We know how it is to keep our country free. So many changes and so much to be thankful for thanks to our military. For those that are serving our country and those that have already served, "THANK YOU". We would not be a free country without you.

The day we're suppose to get up early is the day we sleep in. I woke up about 7 but fell back to sleep till 9. We were suppose to pick my mom up at 9, so called her to say we'd be a little late. It was a great and wonderful day, with temps at 85 and a very nice breeze.

We got mom and went to Briggs for breakfast. It wasn't busy like we thought it would be. We took her over to Triangle Square in Raleigh to a huge mall, just to do something different then right here in town. We didn't really care for the mall but couldn't figure out why. After we left, it hit us, it's mostly geared to the young people. We probably won't be going back, just nothing of interest. We decided to go to the Super Walmart. Mom wanted just a few groceries and some potting soil, no better place to get it and it's all under one roof. We don't have a Super Walmart close to us, so we have to go to Raleigh or Garner. There's also a MacDonalds in the store, so mom got her Fries that she so seldom gets. She also wanted to stop by a drug store that has candy for a dollar a bag, so we stopped there too.

It was early afternoon when we got back home I had to work on my PC and make sure I have a webcam working for the rally. I have an internal PC webcam and sure enough, it came up. I also have a microphone, so it should all be in order. If you are interested on what we're doing, sign up for yahoo messenger and we'll do a webcam picture. I think it will have to be one person at a time, but we'll work something out. It will be fun.

INFO for our family and friends that follow the blog. Mom has good days and bad days. Today was a good one and she was excited about getting all the stuff she's wanted but we didn't want to make a "special" trip. Today was an all in one. Doctor advised her not to drive anymore, so we'll be going out a little more to different places.

One of our friends got back from Amsterdam yesterday and invited us over to their place tonight to see the pictures and tell us about the trip. For those in the chatroom, I'll be late tonight.
Tomorrow it's back to work, but what a wonderful 3 day weekend and it's

2 yrs 11 mths 19 days to buy the Truck/RV

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Mark and Dortha said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend. So glad you had a 3 day weekend.