Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I barely got up at 7:45, sure, when I wanted to sleep I didn't, now I can't but want to. Never satisfied. It got to 85 today and some muggies are starting. (humidity). It was suppose to rain by evening, but so far it hasn't arrived and doesn't look like it will.

I was off work at 1:00. I read a few blogs then went to the Senior Center to play WII. It was suppose to be from 3-4:30, but I didn't leave till 5. It's a blast!! The people could set it up, but no one showed me how to do anything. I fumbled around for 1/2 hour before getting the bowling game to work. After I figured it out I tried tennis, and did very well. At 4:20 this guy comes in that works there and showed me all kinds of things it does and how to practice and how to do a WII test to see where I stood in the WII world. I got a score of 68, but he didn't come back to tell me if that was good or bad. I'm going back, this can be as addictive as getting in the chat room every night or the online puzzles that I'm hooked on. What a great way to spend some time.

After dinner I did my walk around the lake then settled in for the evening. Only 7 more days to work before the trip.

Days to buy the truck/RV 2 yrs 11 mths 18 days

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