Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fix It!

It was a rainy morning. I was reading emails and blogs and chatting with Sandra from RV-Dreams when a huge blast of wind came and strong rain that lasted about 10 minutes. I guess that was the cold front blasting through. It went from 72 to 57 in a very short time. It's been raining off and on all day, so dreary and chilly.

It took me awhile to move around when I got up and was sore all day. That WII from yesterday gave me a good workout. I can't believe how my arms and legs are so sore. It works, have to do it again real soon.

I went to work at noon. The main printer for the internet went down and no one could get it running so they called me. Now, why would anyone call me to fix anything. When I have trouble at home with computer equipment, I call someone else or take it to the shop. I figured I couldn't do any more harm, it wasn't working. I unplugged the PC, no other way it would go down, then turned it on. It still wouldn't work, all I got was an hour glass turning upside down and right side up. So I unplugged it again and turned it back on. This time it found new hardware, the printer, the USB drive and something else, I had no clue. Then it asked for the printer disk, that I can handle. I found the disk, let it load and everything worked. Pat on the back for me. What a relief. I guess that's what you call brown nosing? It worked and everyone was happy.

I still have another printer to work on, but it just won't come up, no matter what I did to it. It keeps saying that it can't move the cartridge belt. The cartridge belt moves when I push it back and forth. I actually think it's a dead printer. They'll have to take that one in for revival. I'm not planning on doing anything more with it.

Days to left to buy the RV/Truck 2 yrs 11 mths 17 days

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Speedy said...

Well Sherri and I are proud to know you....Sooooo Smart. We just go to Wally World and buy another one. LOL. Hey we had one that the Print Cartridges cost more than the new printer..go figure. This may get you a raise.

Joe and Sherri