Thursday, May 29, 2008

"EM Der Ducks"

Nice morning, cool 60, but soon warmed up to 75, it got cloudy by later afternoon. The day at work I was trying to restart that printer I FIXED yesterday. Today, I didn't get it work at all. The only option was to put in a thumb drive and take all the info to another PC to print it. That was most of my four hours at work.

I went to lunch with a former co-worker. I try to do that once a month to catch up with her life and see how things are going. She has family members with cancer and all are doing ok so far.

When I got home I dropped off some papers with mom and helped her with email, then came home and got out some clothes for the trip. I haven't put on too many of the summer clothes but decided I'd do that rather then just put them in the suitcase. I have a couple t-shirts and shirts that just don't fit, now what happened in just 5 months? I've lost a couple pounds and have not gained any, guess it shrunk in the dryer before putting them away for the winter. I guess I'll be going shopping this weekend or take mom and we'll go shopping on Monday.

I walked around the lake and usually I don't pay much attention to the ducks, but today was quite interesting. A white/brown female was being chased by a mallard duck with another mallard duck standing nearby. All of them were quacking away making all kinds of racket. I stood watching them. The female was trying so hard to get away that she came right up to me and stood between my legs. I couldn't believe it. I turned and chased the mallard making some noise and he flew to another direction. The female and the other mallard went walking side by side yapping like she was telling him everything. The other mallard started to come back and I chased him again and continued on my walk. Both the female and her "mate" followed me for quite a distance. It's amazing what you see in nature.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 2 yrs 11 mths 16 days


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

I think they've adopted you as their protector. Never seen that happen. But I have heard the MR Ducks joke. When I first mentioned RVing my friend, Sandy who lived in Plano, TX for 12 years went thru it with me. Wish I could remember all of it but it was making fun of the Texas accent which I've never had a problem with!

Speedy said...

Do I have an accent?? Well maybe...You showed that duck a thing or two...LOL.

Joe and Sherri

PS Sherri said she had a problem with clothes shrinking...I took her shopping today.