Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday-Saying Goodbye to Co-worker

It was cloudy and drizzling when I went to work, but really warm. In the afternoon it was humid and mostly sunny. We had tornadoes early morning one touched down about 2 hrs away in Greensboro. When I got to work, I learned that my lady boss was coming through there at the same time and got caught up in the stopped traffic from cars and trucks that had been blown off the road. She got home at 3:30am and was at work at 8, by noon she was exhausted. It was really busy at work. I did the usual time sheets and made copies of work that had to get out. Our trouble child of not showing up for work wasn't there on Monday and took today along with Monday and Tuesday off next week. Big boss is not pleased. We got several more resumes in and three of the people were called today for interviews next week. Lots going on since the drought is over. The boss has been out for three days this week drumming up new business and got a couple contracts. One of my jobs is going over the "rule book" as we call it, but it's the Employee Manual with new employees. I got to do that with our new employee.

We had pizza lunch for a co-worker that is leaving. We'll all miss him, he keeps us laughing and is very opinionated, worse than I am. We have friendly battles quite often, because we're so opposite. It's going to be quite different around work.

When I got home we went to a friends house that has a huge train layout in his basement. I didn't get home till after 8:00pm. It's great to still have daylight past 6:00. We watched the Nationwide race and I was in the RV-Dreams chat room for the rest of the night.

One thing that did get done today, which has bothered both of us for awhile, is getting a new water heater installed. It's all in and looks really nice. Now we have VERY hot water and we won't have to worry about it for another 12 years, or at least till we move into the RV.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 5 days

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