Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WORK Background

We had rain off and on all day, but it was warm and I didn't get wet. High temp was 71, sunny and raining at the same time, just can't figure that one out.

Since there was really nothing going on, I thought I'd take this day and tell about my working background. For those that know me, it will be doubly boring today. To those that are retired, you'll relate and remember the good ole' days. To those that are still working, yep, that's the way it is. We spend more of our lives at work than any other place for many years in our lifetime. The word WORK is not allowed in the chatroom, it's more like wo$k, or w&*k. The same goes for the word Snow, it's normally, s^&w. Anyway, on with what I was going to say.

I started in computers while till in high school. Remember those punch cards and the boards that you wired? Yep, that was in high school and my first job was with keypunching those cards. I've been typing since 8th grade and not many people knew how to type back then. (early 60's). In the next few years and after kids arrived, I moved up to computer mainframe operations, the IBM38 then AS400, with keypunch as a second job in the evenings. I worked many years at night on printing reports that went to managers on the mainframes. I took some programming classes and landed a few jobs as junior programmer, doing mostly maintenance programming. I had two jobs most of the time. I loved keypunch and was very good, so little jobs here and there brought us some extra income while moving in the military. In 1991-93 I took a job as waitress. I liked that, but the hours were very long and the heavy trays were wearing on my back and arms. It's not an easy job, but sure would have liked to stick with it. I worked every weekend and some evenings while working as programmer during the week.

When we moved to Raleigh area in 1996, I dropped the programming and went back to data entry (notice the name change). It was more relaxing and better hours. I no longer had two jobs and found some social activities to get into. I liked staying busy. In 2003, I gave up jobs altogether to get some rest, and do what I wanted to do, nothing for awhile. I got bored really fast, so took part time positions such as a clerk and answering phones. Now I'm still working 25 hrs a week and loving it. The job can be boring at times but still a great place to be. I just hope they stay open till we get on the road.

That's my background. Today at work I did what I enjoy the most, organizing and setting up the Engineering library of books. I had a note on my desk this morning with kudos on a job well done with sorting the catalogs and getting them in alphabetical order. My boss was amazed he could find something within seconds. That felt good......

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 22 days

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Anonymous said...

I need you here! I have two ladies that work for me and they neither one can keep things organized! And I am a Corrections Coordinator!