Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rally Changes

Sunny cloudy, rain, sunny, rain, cloudy, nice day temps in the 70's We still can use the rain.

I didn't go to work till noon today. I got up at 8:45, just couldn't sleep any longer. Last night in RV-Dreams chat, Jenny was telling me about her getting a cabin at the Rally in June. She was trying to talk us into camping out with her, but then I decided to email Linda and see if there was a cabin that might be free. Sure enough as I was playing games and doing my online puzzles this morning, I received an email from Linda. They have a cabin! That would be so neat to stay with the RV-Dreams family and not have to travel back and forth to the hotel room about 12 miles away. In fact the savings in gas would give us another tank for our trip.

It's amazing me how things are always falling into place when it comes to the RV full time dream. We have had so many things just work out.

Work was good today. I'm doing my favorite thing of organizing. I even had comments from the other employees today on how good the "library" is looking. I have a lot more to do and taking my time, no reason to hurry because:

I have 3 yrs 21 days to buy the RV/truck

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Anonymous said...

That is a great idea! Why didn't you think of that before? This way you can stay up late with all us nuts and still get a good night sleep. I told Sherri that she needs to jump in the chat room so she will get to know everyone before we all get together. This week she has our little buddy but next week she will have to start meeting everyone.