Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rally Cabin

What a gorgeous day! Today was the 9-1 time at work. It was 48 degrees when I left, but warmed up to high 80 by afternoon. All I did today is still working with the books. Some are heavy and I could tell my arms were weak from yesterdays work.

I checked the emails as soon as I got home and Linda wrote saying we do have the cabin for the RALLY. We're both so excited to stay in Rally area. I sent off the payment and cancelled the hotel.

It was just too pretty to sit and read blogs so went out for a half hour walk around the lake. I remembered the camera, but just didn't feel like taking pictures. I noticed new things are happening around the path. New baby ducks, the Snowbirds as they're called, seven little tiny ones. The fish are huge, it's the first time I've seen so many that would be bigger then I can catch with my little fishing rod. I'll have to try though. I haven't fished for many years, it's time to sit on the bench by the lake and try for a couple. There's also a few little baby turtles in the lake. I'll take the camera next time and try for some cool pictures.

We were invited to an anniversary party tonight, so may be late getting on the chat. I had a hard time with the WIFI last night so went to the desktop which means no recliner. That sure will upset me if we were on the road and I can't get connected.

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 3 yrs 20 days

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Anonymous said...

Well I tried again just now and I still am locked out of RV Dreams. I don't know what happened but it looks perminant. Say hello to all for me. I guess I will have to
W%$$K!!! UGH!!