Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Another Monday

Our summer view from our deck with the tree in full bloom

It was cloudy most of the day, the opposite of yesterday. It rained the beginning of the afternoon, or course it did, it's rained the last four weeks on a Monday. By later afternoon the sun was out and the temps raised to 70. It was 48 when we got up this morning. One thing that's good, it's now light at 6:30am.

We didn't have everyone at our Monday morning meeting. I'm not sure how much I should put on the blog, but we have one of our employees that just has too much fun over the weekend. He had some problems with a girlfriend, so decided not to come to work today. The boss was NOT a happy camper. I don't blame him. This is third time since January that he's not come to work on a Monday. Here's the kicker when I went grocery shopping with mom, he was there too. Go figure. What's happening to employees not wanting to work these days.

Mom is doing pretty good today. Sometimes she's not feeling up to par, but today she was ok. Just take one day at a time.

Days left to buy the TV/Truck 3 yrs 23 days

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Anonymous said...

Is your Mom OK? Did I miss something?