Sunday, April 20, 2008

Too Many Lists

It was cloudy and a lot cooler today since a storm went thru about 2am. Nice though, up to 70 by noon. Stayed partly sunny all day till evening when some severe storms went past us.

There’s been a few people ask what time I normally do the blog. My goal is to have something up by 6:30pm est everyday. Sometimes I’ll be late and if I am I’ll put a blurb of what time I’ll have it up.

I tried most of the day getting my LISTS in order. I have three computers, one is really old but it has a ton of RV info on it. I put most on a backup external drive, which means technically I have four locations of lots of RV info. When I’m in the chat room I put info on paper, sometimes just a scrap piece and other times in the steno pad. On the weekends I put all that info in a list on one of the computers. I’ve got most of it listed as: what to take, what to buy, places that are must see, technical info (solar, tires, anything that’s related to a 5er), what to avoid, both technical and places, tid bits of ideas, and of course the miscellaneous stuff that you run across in forums or tv shows.

Now, what to do with all those lists. I forgot to mention hundreds of emails from rv-basics and rv-net. I need to get those in order by topic. I think I have a lot to accomplish, just have to figure out the best way of doing it. I have an excel sheet with all the tabs of different things, but of course I don’t know what computer its on and what I called it. That’s another search. I think I like the steno pad the best, it’s somewhat in order. I’ll accomplish getting it all in one place in a few weeks.

This week we have a new RV-Dreams chatter with a blog and she’s in a place that I had to put on my list of places to go. Welcome to the blog family, Dortha
She’s at Port Aransas, Texas, at the Texas Sandfest competition. She has several pictures on the blog, please check it out, the sculptures are fantastic.

Since there was no NASCAR race today, I watched the motocross competition from St. Louis, then the Nationwide (Busch) race in Mexico City. That’s ironic, Nationwide in Mexico, shouldn’t it be Non-Nationwide race? Anyway, another thing that is on our list to see and do is rodeo and motorcycle racing events. I’d even like to see X-TREME sports where they compete on skateboards. There’s so much to see when on the road.

Days to buy the RV/truck 3yrs 24 days

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