Friday, April 11, 2008

The Rest of the Story

In yesterdays blog I mentioned the Travel Supreme, today I got the rest of the story. I was on my way to work and they drove up behind the rig. I stopped and asked if that was theirs and acting defensive, they said yes. I then explained we really envied their 5er and continued to say we were going full time in three years. I think they thought I was going to complain about the 5er being in the grassy area off the road. Anyway, they became super friendly and told me all about what they do, where they go and the fun they have. They have a townhouse just behind our condos, stay here six months and go to Florida for six months. I noticed their tags are from Florida. They bought the Supreme in 2006 and it's a 2004 model. A woman lost her husband and sold it for cheap just to get rid of it. They advised us to get a used one and to go to Florida especially to Lazy Daze. We've already made up our minds to buy used, we're sure of having no loan that way.

I talked to them about ten minutes about all kinds of details of what is going on with Supreme company being in Chapter 11. They have some little problems that need fixed but the company won't pay. They're suppose to call back in a couple weeks to see if Chapter 11 is over. Quite interesting. They haven't had any trouble with it that's major.

Work was rough, both bosses were in bad moods and yelling all day long. I'm getting use to it, but still don't like it. I just know, this too will end.

We came home and did the usual, puzzles, chat, emails and blogs.

Days to buy the RV/Truck 3yrs 1 mth 3 days

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Anonymous said...

I heard about Travel Supreme and was wondering what was going on. We had looked at one and realy liked it. We also are looking at the Carriage and the Escalade. I think that we are going to wait until we sale the house and the market calms down and see how the prices of trailers goes. We have a nice trailer now and really are in no hurry to change over. I am working today and I hope to talk to you on chat tonight.