Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's Here!

Nice day and sunny, warm to 78 degrees. Now we're into spring, but we have frost coming the beginning of next week.

I got up at 9:30, did the usual check on blogs and emails. Mom had to go to the bank so just before I sent to work I picked her up she did her thing, took her back home and I went on to work. My boss is out today so I didn't have too much to do, still working on the school job postings. I did take in my older PC and set it up on wifi, now I don't have to wait for a PC that everyone uses to do my work. Nice.

FINALLY, it's here. People somewhere in our complex has this beautiful Travel Supreme. We know it's Spring when we see it out front. We both ohhhhh and awwwww when it's here. In about three days it will be gone. Sometimes it will be back in the fall, sometimes it doesn't. It's here every year for the past four or five years. We love it.

Days left to buy the RV/Truck 3yrs 1mth 4days

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Anonymous said...

Dee, I am trying to put together what you mean about the Travel Supreme??? Someone owns it and brings it by. I am a little confused. I understand the woooing and Ahhhhing but where is it. You know me always confused! LOL