Thursday, April 3, 2008


Icky day, cloudy and down to 40 again. Long day, early morning, again getting up before the sun. Tomorrow will be normal so won't have to get up so early. The day at work went well and I got off at 1:00.

I'm so scared to drive that I'm almost sick by the time I get to work. Cops are everywhere, they're doing a safety drive, and stopping everyone that moves or doesn't move. I wish we were closer to leaving the area. Our town has been in the top 10 safest places in the USA to live a couple of times. Cops have nothing to do, so they go out in force just to bring in more revenue. Now that I'm a magnet for cops, I just don't want out on the road.

I went to the lawyers and made an appointment for next Tuesday so see what can be done with my ticket. I have a feeling I'll get points, the paralegal said today that our town usually doesn't let anyone have a reduced charge, again, they like the revenue and the more you're stopped the more they get.

Did you know: If you stop dead at a stop sign and someone is behind you, you'll get a small bump? Yep, got one yesterday. No damage, but it's sure dangerous to stop totally. I also told the paralegal that and he says it happens often.

Did you know: That after 11 years I had to take off the license tag frame because it covered up the "state name". I've been checking license plates and NOT ONE that I've seen is without a frame.

Did you know: In 50 cars only one stopped at a stop sign as I watched today at a really busy intersection with a stop sign. Where's the cops when you want them.

Will the time ever get here so we can get out of town??

Days left to get the RV/truck 3 yrs 1 mth 11 days Wish it was tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

OK Dee we have pretty well proved you are being targeted by the justice system. Most good looking women fall into this catagory. I know my wife was the queen of the defencive driving school in our town. Now you may laugh and say sure...but that is the honest truth. She had the most trafic stops at the highest speed for years running. In some ways I believe she was proud of it. Very costly coronation but it made her happy.


Secondhand Rose said...

I know exactly what you mean about cops in "safe" towns not having enough to do. I lived in Binghamton NY years ago, almost no crime but I got stopped and ticketed about twice a year for MINOR infractions and things like too much wear on my tires. Now I live in a town with a healthy crime rate and I haven't been stopped once in fifteen years.

Good luck with that ticket, I hope they break with tradition and cancel it.