Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday- Finally

Still cloudy, but no rain today. I got an extra hour of sleep and the alarm woke me up from a sound sleep. It sure felt good sleeping in, the sun was up before I was.

Work was wild. A project that was canceled was brought back to life, so it was hustle time to get things ready and out. One person went to lunch got really sick and didn't come back. That's happened before, no proof if they're really sick or not just one of those things with bad food, it's happened twice this month to three different people in two different restaurants. Payroll went very well today so that's out of the way for another week.

Jim took off at 4:30 to get home to meet with his mom, my mom and his aunt. We went out to dinner, visited awhile then they left. They're staying in Raleigh for the night with another relative of Jim's.

I'll be back on the chat and tonight. I can stay as late as I want. Thanks chatters for helping me along this week, it's been great therapy.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 1 mth 10 days

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