Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bikes- April Fools Day

Nice day, raining, but that's still nice. It was 77 degrees so it wasn't miserable, just use an umbrella.

Yesterday I read a very interesting blog from Froggi,
She's a full time single person that enjoys RV'ing and had a motorcycle, she sold it, got a small car and now is looking at bikes. It was amazing the changes in bikes she described. I went out today to check out bikes. They run from $250 to thousands, TREK was the name. We had just seen on TV how they're made for people that race. They've changed a lot since 1960, I would love to get a bike when we go full time. It would be nice to just ride it around the parks and some trails if there are any. It's something to think about that's for sure.

Work went well. I'm still sorting flyers and books. Tomorrow I work the whole day, so have to get up in the dark early hour.

When I think of April Fools Day, I think of the time when our kids were young. I turned on the kitchen faucet and got really wet. I thought it was the little ring on the spout so tightened it and held my hand over it, turned on the faucet again and got wet again. I then heard a lot of laughing behind me. It was the kids and they explained that they put a rubber band over the sprayer (to the side) and held it open pointing toward me. Thanks kids, a laugh that has lasted many years.

Days to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 1 mth 13 days

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Donna McNicol said...

Thanks so much, Dee & Jim! I love following your blog and think I am looking forward to you guys finally getting on the road ALMOST as much as you! LOL!!

When you find the perfect bike let me know...I'm not going to rush into it, really need to know I will use it. May "borrow" someone's for a bit.