Monday, March 24, 2008

Working & Mom's Day

I keep complaining as everyone about working and getting up early. I was thinking this morning "what if", I don't work for the next three years. Yes, we could get by, but I'd be bored to death and even more anxious to get on the road. I sat down with the boss today and they're very worried about making it. It's a domino effect, our clients can't pay us because they're not getting paid. The clients are usually paid by the building contractors. The building contractors aren't getting paid because people can't pay them for various reasons. Loans aren't being as easy as they used to be and people thought they'd be fine with jobs and got more and more in debt when they couldn't make their payments. It all comes down to no payments and no jobs. I thought it was more or less the no water permits for new housing because of the drought. That's also a factor but not the main factor. I hope things get better after the elections and things stabilize.

After work I took mom on errands. I had to get a few things so went all over town. One major stop was the Girlfriends kitchen to order 15 meals for next month. I sure will miss that place, but at least I'll have Jim cooking most of the time on the BBQ grill. I haven't been to our mall in quite some time so stopped there to check it out. I did find the green bags at Bed, Bath and Beyond for the veggies and fruits. There's been a lot of talk about them on both chat rooms. The evening was getting Jim packed for his trip this week and back on chat.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 1 mth 21 days


Anonymous said...

Next time you are shopping for the green bags, look on eBay. Much, much better prices than BB&B!
I've been using them for several months now and wouldn't be without them. They're amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something on Jim's trip? I heard about Taxes being owed and then Jim's trip....Jim is not going away because of taxes LOL. Just kidding you