Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Busy Day, Hockey, Cops

This is my short four hour day and I stayed busy putting stuff away. Engineers are all alike, what they use they leave it lay, kinda like men leave their dirty clothes where ever they take them off. (Not ALL men). Jim came home at 2:30 finished packing and I took him to the airport at 3:30. (He's going to a conference for work in Nashville). I went by work to pick up a co-worker that was going to the hockey game with me tonight. I don't normally read, but when I wait anywhere I normally have a book with me. The only books I've read is Dean Koontz or Steven King. The difference between them is in Dean's books it can actually happen and in Steven's it can't, that's good to know since they're both about stuff that can scare you to death.

At 5:00 we headed to the game after getting something to eat. We were talking and almost lost track of time so got there a little later than normal. I thought the last game would be my last because I knew Jim wouldn't be here tonight, but since the co-worker could go, this is the last game for me this season, again, the last time we'll be in these seats after 4 years. I'll miss them, but I found out tonight the guy beside us bought them, so they're in good hands. The game was great! We lost in the shoot out, so we do have one point. It was quite exciting and they played well.

After the game I took the co-worker back home and came to the highway for home and was pulled over by a cop, not one but two. Guess there's nothing better to do with their time since there's no crime in this area. I didn't come to a full stop and the frame on the license plate was covering the state name, and my brake light is out. I think the brake light went out when I had the accident a few weeks ago. I'll get the two things fixed tomorrow or Thursday. The ticket I'll hand over to the lawyer, or just go to court, not sure which I'll do yet, it's not till May.

So that's the end of a busy and different type of day, at least there was some excitement.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 1 mth 20 days

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