Saturday, March 8, 2008

Testing the GPS

I couldn't sleep late because my back and toe hurt. I got up about 8:30 and checked the barometer. It was really low and it was raining hard, so I figured that's why I hurt. Sure enough when all the storms were out of the area, I didn't notice anything hurting. It was a nice 65 deg with 30mph winds

We decided after lunch to go to the Birchwood RV Park and try out the new Garmin Nuvi 200W GPS system. We loaded in the address of the park and took off. We got a few miles down the road, which wasn't the direction that we would have taken "normally". It wanted us to turn left at a road that was new. It was also the wrong direction. So we took shut off the route and went to highway I40 then turned it on again. We found the park with no further problems. It's down a narrow road and seems to be in the middle of nowhere, but it's actually close to the Duke Hospital.

The park has a lot of run down/trashed RV's in it. There's a couple open spots, there were a couple barking dogs outside. We thought we'd stay there that last year while we're waiting for Jim to retire. We've changed our minds. It's an ok park for a couple nights and if you're going through cancer treatments, it's a good park. The owners are very friendly and helpful. We'll go back to the first idea. Fred Buffalo park on highway 70. It's a LOT nicer.

Coming back home I had already put home in the favorites. The GPS took us a totally different way home. It was shorter and not as much traffic. We can't figure out why it did that, there were no settings changed. Interesting. We'll have a ball figuring it all out when we go to Perry, GA next weekend. At least we know we can't fully trust it, so the map, and the computer with street atlas will be going with us.

We tried to connect the GPS to the AUX in the truck and it didn't work. It did work on the cigarette lighter. When we got home Jim checked the fuse and it wasn't good, so have to get one this week. That will give us 3 outlets for toys.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 2 mths 6 days

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