Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Runnin Around

It's dark when I get up so it's even harder to make it to work. That too shall pass before long. It was 34 deg at 7:30 and by noon it was 64. Awesome weather. I think Spring is finally here. This is proof:
We have pear trees just before you enter our condo area. They're everywhere, in school yards, all over town, in every community. This time of year they're in full bloom and in about 3 days they will be white and green. The green will be the final leaves that stay all summer. They're gorgeous lined up on the roads. That's the sign of Spring.

When I got off work at 1:00 I got home and found my walking stick was delivered. I bought one but found out later you really need two when you're hiking. I couldn't find it around here so ordered it online. Now that's ready to go.

I had a LOT of runnin around to do. I had to get batteries and a fuse for the truck's console went out where we plug in the computer and GPS unit. I went to ACE Hardware they didn't have fuses so went to the auto place just down the street from us and they were out, so had to go across town, and finally got one at Auto Parts.

Today was my meals from Girlfriends Kitchen which always take an hour and half, then it was time to get supper. The day flew by. I had a thought hit me today about our going on the road. I still have 15 photo albums to get scanned in. I'm thinking three years, so that's plenty of time to get them done. I happened to think today, in that regard I only have two years. At the rate I'm going it won't get done. We're planning on moving to an apartment on that third year and all the albums will be tossed out. I guess I better get back to scanning. Tonight will be blogs and rv-dreams chat room. I sure would be lost without either of them.

Days to buy the truck/RV 3 yrs 2 mths 3 days

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Anonymous said...

Well I think that if all goes well with the sale of the house, whenever, I will be hanging it up about the end of February. Believe me time goes so fast as you get down to the end. I hope that when it gets here I will have all the things done that I plan to???? Missed you on the chat tonight. I came waaaay tooo late! Really busy tonight here at W*(&^% you know