Saturday, March 15, 2008

Perry, GA-Day 2

Another day getting up early, if this keeps up maybe I’ll become an early morning person (NOT). It was cloudy raining and tornadoes in Atlanta. In fact Atlanta downtown CNN and the Georgia Dome was hit last night with a tornado, I’m glad we’re a lot further South. We were on the road toward Perry at 7:30 after eating breakfast at Burger King.

When we got to the rally it wasn’t too bad, just misty. After calling Charles (Roz) from RV-Dreams we found each other and had to wait to for the doors to open to get us registered. I’m so glad we didn’t get to the rally at 8:00 for the seminars because we wouldn’t have got into it on time. That’s really bad planning on the part of the Rally people. Luckily it didn’t rain the rest of the day, but boy, was it windy. We went to two different seminars. One was on the suspension of the 5th wheel the other was how to start as a fulltime RV’er. They were both quite interesting. We saw a couple new 5ers but one wasn’t for us the other is the New Horizon. We really like that one, but it’s just too heavy.

After seeing everything for today it was already 4:30 so went with Charles to his Motor Home and spent the evening with him and his wife. Picture is Charles and Dee

Charles, we want to thank you for a great day and evening. The meal was excellent. Charles took us through the exhibits and pointed out the stuff we'll really need to get. Some things we had NO idea what they were used for in an RV.

I had to take my first sunset from an RV park.

Days to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 1 mth and 30 days. (it’s decreasing slowly)

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