Friday, March 21, 2008

Office Conversations

What a Friday! Our bosses were both out of the office today taking some vacation time. I'm in charge when they're gone to watch over the "kids" as they put it. I'm the oldest of the whole office, most are in their early 20's and the bosses are both barely 40. I guess they pay me to keep peace and keep the crew working.

It was really quiet and everyone doing their thing until after lunch. I don't get to be with the co-workers very often. They go to lunch and I stay to answer phones, that's why I was hired. Today was a discussion of course on basketball games. The topic then went to politics. I'm not political, but it's interesting to hear what the younger people are thinking and the why's that makes it all work or not work. I was fascinated. I'm not putting on the blog the details, but it seems they're wanting more of what we grew up with in 40's. More teaching in schools, more attention to when you do something wrong take the blame, and what would be changed in health care. We didn't get into the Liberal or Conservatives, but that one person can't make changes, it's going to take all of us together.

The day was busy and everyone went back to work for the rest of the afternoon. It was good to make that break and listen to the younger people in todays age.

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