Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I had a good night sleep last night. I woke up the normal number of times, so felt more rested today. Work was the same, trying to get a bunch of proposals out so it's time consuming.

Today was mom's dentist appointment. I went after work to get her then over to Raleigh. I had just enough time to stop for a bite to eat at Taco Bell. I drive her car when I take her anywhere, so her car gets some use. It's fun, but LITTLE. I'm finding I go for the shift gear on the floor, where mine is located. On her car it's on the column, so is the truck. Keeps me on my toes. After the dentist we did some errands. One thing we wanted to get done is get a new battery for mom's cell phone. It's out of date and can't be found, so I decided to just have them put the info to the old one I just had. No problem, all is done. We got groceries (didn't hit anything this time), then took her home.

When I got home I looked for the old cell phone. I'm sure I didn't throw it out. I've searched all the places I normally hide things, but since I've been cleaning up I may have thrown it out. IF I can't find it by Thursday, I'll get another one. It's a lot cheaper to have mom on our account then to call her every night and pay for a landline phone call (before 9pm). As soon as I get another one, I'll find the old one, just wait and see.

It's really warm today up to 78 degrees. It's been a fabulous winter.

Days to buy the RV/truck 3yrs 3 mths 9 days

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