Friday, February 1, 2008

Tid Bits

It's TGIF. Another week bites the dust. Fridays are LONG days so the blog doesn't get done till much later in the day. It's the only day I work 7 hours then rush home and go out to dinner with friends. It's time to relax and forget about the whole week.

Maybe today is reflection day. I've been blogging about getting on the road and how we're getting ready with physical things, how about mental. I remembered last night to get back on Escapees forums and see what's going on. A long time ago I read about classes, like 2006, 2007 graduating class so looked it up. Yep, someone has started a thread for class of 2012. I wrote in saying we're wanting on the list. There's so much out on the internet for forums and chats it's fun and informative.

Our thoughts, we're apprehensive, scared, excited and probably a few more feelings about going full time. I can't judge distance and when hubby is driving I tend to freak out easily when he turns in front of a car or stops to quick before hitting the car in front of us. We were discussing tonight, that may end out time on the road. I'm to jumpy and that upsets him. My heart stops when I think we're going to hit. I've always been bad at that, but I gasp or jump or yell because of reaction. I don't have time to think it through that all will be ok, it's a split second decision to say something. I guess I have a few years to either get over it, or not go at all. So many questions, so much to think about when you're on the open road, but there's sure a lot of people doing it. I can't imagine sitting around the house for the next few years.

We finally got a bit of rain today. Most of NC is under extreme drought, so glad to get rain. It cleared up and was cloud free by the time I left work at 5. It ended up a really nice evening.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 3 mos 13 days

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Donna McNicol said...

I had the same problem with my late husband...I moved from the Eeeks & gasps, to "remoter braking" to finally just grabbing the side armrest (he eventually would automatically start to brake when I did that...LOL!)

When we started traveling in the motorhome together I learned to just close my eyes anytime I got too nervous. My nerves made it harder for him to drive safely. I just kept telling myself how many miles he had driven safely and that he knew what he was doing.

Hang in there...try it out in the car (even if you need to listen to music through earphones to help calm yourself).