Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Day Trip

The temp was 62 degrees, beautiful sunny day. We planned a day trip which was to Greensboro about 1 1/2 hrs away. We took another couple with us which makes the trip seem shorter. We went to Gander Mountain which is Campers World on steroids. We love that place and go frequently. I wanted to buy another walking stick that I had bought several months ago. They didn't have it. They had another type that wasn't as good and were only sold in pairs. Oh well, we walked around getting some little things and making a list of camping stuff we'll get later. We did see a great BBQ grill that folds up for storage, love it. We'll have to read up on it to see if it's worth the money or not. We ate some supper at Taco Bell, came home and just stretched out in the recliner for the rest of the night. What a wonderful day!

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 3 mths 12 days

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Karon said...


Your Saturday sounds like the perfect day. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Hugs, Karon