Sunday, February 10, 2008


It's quite windy today, but temps are still holding at 60 degrees. Gusts have been 47 mph and just winds have been 28-30mph. Nice sunny day, but we didn't do our walk, we were watching the time trials for NASCAR and searching the internet.

I did a lot of searching for certain EBAY items that I'd like to sell and see what the prices are. I've decided to hang on to a few items since I'm in no big hurry to sell. One is a Jeff Gordon jacket that I don't wear because it's so heavy, but it's nice to have if I want it.

The other search is checking out a used little camper for only weekends. The RV show is in Raleigh this weekend, but we just didn't want to go. On chat last night ( we were discussing something small to get use to camping. The Scamp 19' fifth wheel was mentioned and the truck campers. The Scamp is very interesting, but couldn't find ANY that's beyond 1985 and no prices anywhere. It's fun trying to find campers. It's only search, not really wanting to spend the money this close to going fulltime.

I picked up my friend from the airport and discussed her travels then time for bed. Tomorrow is a work day, up early, means going to bed early.

Days to buy RV/truck 3yrs 3mos 4 days

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