Friday, February 8, 2008


Not much going on today, worked 7 hrs then came home, went out with our friends for dinner and spent the rest of the evening on chat with Our youngest son went to Vegas last night and when I heard from him he says it's awesome. I can't wait to hear all about it when he gets back. He lives in Chicago and got tired of all the snow, so took a long weekend to get out.

I thought I'd give some ideas on organizing. It's from I've always liked organizing and I think I'm good at it, since that's my main job in the workplace.

1. Find a home for everything- It saves time when you're looking for things, Use containers, shelves, drawers, hooks & baskets and label them.

2. Re-Think your kitchen- Part with the big machines you never use, such as the rice-steamer, bread maker, dutch oven etc. Make more room on the counter tops.

3. Bag it- Walk through the house to pick up junk mail, old receipts, wrappers and just "stuff" that's not needed. Take a bag with you as you go in each room.

4. Bathroom- Once a month check the vanities, medicine cabinets and throw away anything that's not good, out dated medicines and things not used in the past month.

5. Tame the reading materials- Prevent newspapers, books and magazines from piling up. Make one area a reading area. If it's not read in a month, throw it out.

Don't let any piles overwhelm you in any closet, garage, or room. Clear it out and keep it cleared.

I read also the person that is disorganized is one that can't make decisions. I found that statement interesting.

I think tomorrow I'll be doing a lot of listing. I have a friend in St. Louis that says she wants to know what I'm getting rid of and she'll take it. When I go in June to see the kids I'll take it to her. We're already taking the treadmill, so more items will be just fine.

Another Friday bites the dust.

Days to buy the RV/truck 3 yrs 3 mths 6 days

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