Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Nothing Unusual

Getting up on a Monday morning is always hard. I get up about 9 or 10 the rest of the week and after weekends of going to bed at 2am getting up at 10am, it's just not easy on Mondays. Oh well, there's an end in sight.

Nothing to report. Normal day at work. I had two projects go out which is good and the boss got another job to do over the weekend. He wasn't in a very good mood though and this is why. I'm now on my soapbox.

We have young people working with us, and meaning young they're in early 20's just out of college. One of them thinks the company should pay him when he goes skiing, is sick for more then 2 weeks, and now another vacation going to New Orleans for 3 days. He was off last week for a friends funeral. Now I understand the sick, but this is ONLY February and he's used up 40 hours of his 40 hour vacation time. I just don't get it. He was real upset today because he's not getting paid. Last year one of the guys took 82 days off and he only worked from July to Dec. (He is no longer with us). The boss use to give 80 hours a year, counting 40 for normal sick days and another 40 called comp time. BEFORE they actually worked the comp they were given 40 hours. The rules changed this year and you no longer get the 40 hours comp unless you "save" it during the year. What the boss still does give is 2.4hrs a week even though you don't work the full 40 hours a week. I think that's still giving way too much time, but it's their money. If you don't work, you don't get paid, period. (Unless you have 2 or 3 weeks a year accumulated with time worked).

I'm down off the soapbox. I only have,
3 yrs 2mths 18 days to get the RV/truck and get on the road

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