Tuesday, February 26, 2008

RAIN, Finally

It was cloudy this morning and the weatherman was saying rain would come in by 9:00am. I made it to work at 9 and it started pouring 5 minutes later. It sure is great! We're down over ten feet of water and the drought is really bad in our area. It rained hard off and on till 1:30 then stopped. We even got a thunderstorm. It's February and it's still in the 60's. It's been a great winter. My toe hurt most of the night so I knew it was going to rain. It's great though not to be limping and taking pain killers for my knees like I did last year with all the cold weather. I haven't had a problem at all this year.

We're both over our colds and back to normal. Jim had his teeth worked on today. It was the third and final appointment for gum cleaning. He's got a sore mouth tonight so we had a soft meal for supper.

I worked the rest of the afternoon on getting different routes loaded into GPS for the Perry, GA trip next month. Thanks Charles from rv-dreams chat room with a suggestion. We just don't want to go I95.

We both were talking today about getting on the road with so many places we want to go and to spend some time with our RVing friends in Yellowstone. They are on their tenth year this year as campworkers. It will be so fun spending a month or more with them, then roaming around Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. In the meantime, I wrote down all the stuff that I'll be taking to the thrift shop on Thursday.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3yrs 2ths 17days

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