Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Interesting Work Day

Wednesdays are my LATE day, leave home 11:30, get the office mail at the post office and get to work by noon. No one in the office when I got there, but that's not unusual since everyone goes to lunch at noon. My boss (wife) came in from the back of the place and said it was just her, me and her hubby there today. Wow, that's great!! She said "no kids" today, they all out working. This is the first time they were all at a jobsite in two different locations. We had a very long discussion of what's going on. Work is hard to get. We do have a couple big money makers but it's not enough at the moment to keep everyone hired. If anyone gets laid off, I'll be first, then they named a couple other people. It's going to be quite interesting on how things pan out. Just keeping my fingers crossed that we get more work in. The drought is our biggest problem. There's no permits being given out for new places because of the shortage of water. It's like a domino effect, no builders, no new homes etc. Filters down to the little guys that do the work for new sewers, new water lines and new housing developments.

Nothing else went on today. I got home at 5:00 and had a friend come over, then got supper and back on rv-dreams chat.

Days left to buy RV/truck 3yrs 2 mths 16 days

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