Sunday, February 24, 2008


I get up at 10 on most weekends and today was no exception. I wasn't sure what I would do today. I got all caught up on the blogs then had a call from a friend wanting me to see how he reloads bullets for his guns. I went to his place most of the afternoon. That's quite a setup and it has to be perfect so nothing happens to the weapons.

I also did some checking in the kitchen for transfering to an RV kitchen. Since that's one of the most important part of fulltime I tried to see what we would use and what I could still sell or give away. I will have to get on rv-dreams tonight and see how everyone prepares grocery lists or how would you know what you can store away. I go to the grocery store sometimes 3 times a week to pick up stuff, if you're out in the middle nowhere that's not going to be possible. There's so many questions for a new lifestyle.

Race was two hours late starting. It's raining in California and it's three hour difference in time zones. Nothing more going on today. Still cloudy, but no rain. Temps dropped to 41, and breezy.

Days left to buy the RV/truck 3yrs 2mths 19 days

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