Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Full Busy Day/Full Moon Eclipse/Retirement

It's not easy getting up on a Wednesday morning and go to work knowing you'll be there 9 hours. I feel for all of you out there that does that every day. I had one busy day. My boss, both of them, were gone today. I had to get a ton of stuff out in the mail, a bunch copied, packed up and out in the mail. It's one of those days that 3 jobs were done at the same time. Back and forth to the post office, waiting in line and still get other things done. At least the phones weren't too bad today. I'm not complaining, it's an income, just a fact of some of the things I do. I met the 4:00 deadline when everything has to be out the door for state approvals. Whew!

It was very windy, 63 degrees. NICE. The full moon eclipse is tonight. We went out about 9 and it was awesome. We went back at 10 and found our neighbor with his telescope. We got to see the moon up close. It was quite pretty and an orange color. The next one will be 2010.

I was talking to someone (sorry forgot the name) on chatroom about retirement a few nights ago. It was mentioned that it’s a good idea to go ahead and take the retirement at 62 and not worry about the full retirement when at the increased age of (67). You won’t live long enough to get the 5 yr difference. So with my hubby always telling me the same thing and doing some hard code figuring, I’ve decided to actually retire Jun 2010. I’d like to still work and if it stands as it is now, I can make up to $12,000 a year without penalty. I’ll double check that by that time, but now I have a NEW countdown to strive for and it’s a lot shorter.

Days to retire, 878, oh that’s nice.

Days to buy the RV/truck 3yrs 2 mths 23 days

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