Monday, August 14, 2006


We just finished a week/2 day trip to Illinois, Ind, MO. We stopped at the Travel Unit factory where they make 5th wheels for whatever the client wants. It’s impressive on how they’re made and it’s going to be fun to check every 5th wheel and what we like about it and have one made just like we want. Now the fun begins on a new outlook on checking out all RV’s.

A trip to the RV show in Hershey, PA.

We left on Thurs for PA. It was rain the whole way. We had reservations in Palmyra for a hotel room.

Fri we found the Hershey RV show. Over 1500 RV of all types and sizes. We went to the RV’s that we thought we’d be interested in and found several that had different layout plans. Most got rid of the sink in the bedrooms. We talked to a couple that had been on the road for 15 yrs and found they are very much against the Tetons. They had NO support from the manufacture and had several things go wrong. We also talked to a couple from Escapees that have been on the road for 13 yrs and got ideas from them. We went to seminars to hear about fulltiming. There was an electrical seminar that we at tended also. One of the biggest things we got to see was Robert Dineros RV. It was $2 million and had a second deck added that would drop down so it would be the normal height of any other 5th wheel.

The biggest thing everyone we talked to had to say: Can you get along in close quarters with your spouse and can you live in close quarters. One of the couples have never stayed in one place longer then 3 mos. They’ve been on the road 13 yrs. We learned quite a bit and just wanting to get going even more. One suggestion was to be sure to get the rig and truck BEFORE we quit work so we can get a loan.

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